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 Baby-G: CASKET, Analog-Digital - BGA-200 Series (NOV 2011)
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 Baby-G: Ever-popular model BG-5601 & BG-3000 Series (OCT 2011)
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 Baby-G: Neon Dial - BGA-131, BGA-130 Series (JUN 2011)
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 Baby-G: Star Index Series (NOV 2010)
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 Baby-G: Composite Line BGA-120C Series (OCT 2010)
 Baby-G: CASKET BGA-200PD Series (OCT 2010)
 Baby-G: Winter Pastel Series (OCT 2010)
 Baby-G: Metallic Colors BGD-121 Series (OCT 2010)
 Baby-G: HELLE Series (AUG 2010)
 Baby-G: Metallic Colors Series (JUL 2010)
 Baby-G: Metallic Colors Series (JUL 2010)
 Baby-G: Bangle-like Series (MAY 2010)
 Baby-G: Color Display Series (MAY 2010)
 Baby-G: CASKET, Analog-Digital Combi. Series (APR 2010)
 Baby-G: REEF - BGD-120P Series (APR 2010)
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 Baby-G: Reef Series (APR 2008)
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 Baby-G: Color Variations Series (FEB 2008)
 Baby-G: Standard (WINTER PASTEL) Series (OCT 2007)
 Baby-G: Standard (WINTER PASTEL) Series (OCT 2007)
 Baby-G: Autumn Color Series (AUG 2007)
 Baby-G: New Color Variations Series (AUG 2007)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (SEP 2006)
 Baby-G: Gold Rush Series (JUN 2006)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (APR 2006)
 Baby-G: Standard semitransparent bands Series (FEB 2006)
 Baby-G: Standard BG-191 Series (SEP 2005)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (JUN 2005)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (MAY 2004)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (APR 2004)
 Baby-G: Standard Series (FEB 2004)
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