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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Similar Watch Series:
 G-Shock: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - G-8900DGK-7 Series (DEC 2012)
 G-Shock: Luxurious Crocodie Texture- DW-6900CR Series (OCT 2012)
 G-Shock: Color Vintage Series - G-001CB Series (OCT 2012)
 G-Shock: Navy Blue GW-7900NV, GW-8900NV, GW-M5610NV, AWG-M1 Series (OCT 2012)
 G-Shock: CLOT Collaboration Model - DW-6900CL-4 Series (OCT 2012)
 G-Shock: Metallic finish face - DW-6900MF, GA-150MF Series (AUG 2012)
 G-Shock: Metal-like finish - DW-6900MR Series (FEB 2012)
 G-Shock: New hand movement function - AWG-M100 Series (FEB 2012)
 G-Shock: Olive Drab Color Models Series (DEC 2011)
 G-Shock: Olive Drab Color Models - Wave Ceptor Series (NOV 2011)
 G-Shock: Legendary DW-001 model design - G-001 Series (OCT 2011)
 G-Shock: New front button design - G-8900 Series (OCT 2011)
 G-Shock: High-Luminosity LED - GR-8900,GR-8900A Series (SEP 2011)
 G-Shock: High-Luminosity LED - GW-8900,GW-8900A Series (SEP 2011)
 G-Shock: Metallic Colors DW-6900NB Series (FEB 2011)
 G-Shock: M-SPEC Wave Ceptor GW-7900MS Series (NOV 2010)
 G-Shock: Legendary DW-001 model design - G-001B Series (NOV 2010)
 G-Shock: M-SPEC G-7900MS Series (NOV 2010)
 G-Shock: Metallic Colors DW-6900SB Series (OCT 2010)
 G-Shock: Legendary DW-001 model design - G-001 Series (SEP 2010)
 G-Shock: Mat Black Red Eye Series (AUG 2010)
 G-Shock: Crazy Color Series (AUG 2010)
 G-Shock: Standard Favorite - MULTIBAND 6 GW-2300F Series (MAR 2010)
 G-Shock: Crazy Colors - DW-6900CB Series (FEB 2010)
 G-Shock: Standard Favorite - G-2300F Series (FEB 2010)
 G-Shock: Standard Favorite - MULTIBAND 6 Series (DEC 2009)
 G-Shock: G-SHOCK MAN BOX Series (DEC 2009)
 G-Shock: MR. Cartoon and Todd Jordan COLLABORATION MODEL Series (DEC 2009)
 G-Shock: Standard Favorite Series (NOV 2009)
 G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (OCT 2009)
 G-Shock: Multiband 6, Tide Graph and Moon phase - GW-7900 Series (SEP 2009)
 G-Shock: Toughness G-7900 Series (AUG 2009)
 G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (AUG 2009)
 G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (JUN 2009)
 G-Shock: MultiBand 6 Tough Solar GW-M850 Series (JAN 2009)
 G-Shock: Standard Series (NOV 2008)
 G-Shock: Spike Lee Signature Model Series (OCT 2008)
 G-Shock: Dual-Color Combi. Series (JUN 2008)
 G-Shock: Cloth band designs Series (SEP 2007)
 G-Shock: G-SPIKE Series (AUG 2007)
 G-Shock: Analog-digital G-SHOCK Series (JUL 2007)
 G-Shock: S-KOOL Series (JUN 2007)
 G-Shock: Standard Series (FEB 2007)
 G-Shock: Black and Gold Color Series (OCT 2006)
 G-Shock: Dual Illuminator backlight Series (AUG 2006)
 G-Shock: AW-500 Design Series (AUG 2006)
 G-Shock: Reggae Theme Series (MAY 2006)
 G-Shock: Polygon Slim Series (MAR 2006)
 G-Shock: Standard Series (AUG 2005)
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